Premier Real Estate Agents Announced

Premier Real Estate Agents Announced

Helping prospective home buyers get connected to real estate professionals that are knowledgeable about the Belair-Edison community was the impetus for the creation of our new Premier Real Estate Agent program.

In April, over 16 real estate professionals attended our Belair-Edison Neighborhood, Inc. Real Estate Agent Tour and Lunch event. Agents were taken on a guided bus tour through the community, visited a renovated home from St. Ambrose Housing, heard from BENI staff and partners about resident life, school options, incentive programs, our main street initiative and upcoming investment plans.

These agents were then invited to apply to become a Belair-Edison Premier Real Estate Agent. Eleven were selected for this exclusive group and attended a two-hour orientation session, making them certified for our program.

Our ability to partner with real estate agents that are knowledgeable and excited about the future of Belair-Edison gives us a great level of confidence in referring potential buyers and sellers and expands our network of professionals that can help tell the story of our community.

We are excited to welcome the following Premier Real Estate Agent Members:

  1. Danielle Crowley
  2. Ayanna Franklin
  3. Angela Garland
  4. Monica Gordon
  5. Charles Gray
  6. Lynette Jones
  7. Lachele Kellam
  8. Darryl Kemp
  9. Irene Mabry Moses
  10. Thomas A. Ryles, Jr.
  11. Sheila Russell Williams


Please contact John Watkins at BENI, 410-485-8442, for more information.