Benefits of Real Estate Agents

In Maryland there are three types of real estate agents:

Buyers Agent – represents the purchaser

Sellers Agent – represents the seller

Dual Agent – represents both purchaser and seller in the same transaction (usually the real estate broker)

The primary duties of an agent are as follows:

  • Assist homebuyer with mortgage loan pre approval before shopping for a property.
  • Assists with mortgage loan processing.
  • Arrange and attend all inspections.
  • Assist with contract negotiations.
  • Schedules, coordinates and attends settlement.
  • Remains in contact with the mortgage company on behalf of the homebuyer.
  • Explains the contract of sale to the homebuyer.
  • Assist with the availability and application of closing costs programs.
  • Encourages a home inspection.
  • Informs the home buyer of current market conditions.
  • Be familiar with financing options.
  • Provides payment information and closing cost fees needed before contract signing.
  • Assists home buyer in choosing companies to provide services as needed to complete the transaction.

More importantly, an agent should be trustworthy, easy to contact, patient, caring and not pushy.


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