COVID-19 Relief grants in Baltimore Fall/Winter 2020

COVID-19 Relief grants in Baltimore Fall/Winter 2020

Restaurant Grant

The Baltimore Development Corporation (BDC) began accepting applications for the Baltimore Restaurant Assistance Grant, a $6.5M fund that will award restaurants in Baltimore City up to $50,000 to assist with covid-related impacts.  This is the largest grant opportunity Baltimore City has offered businesses to date, and it will likely be the last city grant opportunity of 2020.


The grant’s full terms and conditions can be found here, but here are the main qualifiers: 

  • Restaurant must have a permanent physical location and have provided indoor seating prior to COVID-19
  • Restaurant must be in good standing with the State of Maryland
    • The importance of this CANNOT BE OVERSTATED.  If your restaurant is not in good standing by the Nov. 25, your application will be automatically disqualified.  Use this link to check your restaurant’s standing with the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation.
  • Restaurant must be open and operating at the time of application for this grant
  • Restaurants only offering curbside or carryout service at this time are eligible

Some other important things to note:

  • Restaurants that previously applied for, or received, a grant from BDC are STILL ELIGIBLE to apply
  • Unlike prior BDC grants, there is no gross revenue limit for restaurants to qualify
  • This grant is open to restaurants that opened in 2020 — which was not the case for our prior two grants — so if you’re a new restaurant in Baltimore City this is a huge opportunity!

I realize that by this point many of you have probably applied for more grants than you care to recall, but I strongly encourage you apply for this one.  If awarded, these funds will go a long way toward supporting your restaurant through the winter.


Apply for the Baltimore Restaurant Assistance Grant here.


BENI Business Covid Relief Grant

Belair Edison will be administering grants to our small business owners along our Mainstreet. These grants will be available early January and will assist Business in Good Standing in our community with $5000-7500 in additional funds for any Covid-19 related hardships. If your business is not in good standing or you are unsure, please take an opportunity to check this so you don’t miss this opportunity. More information will be forthcoming.

Grant is Closed

Grants for Homeowners

BENI Outdoor Repair Grants for Homeowners up to $10,000
Deadline for Application December 1, 2020
Must own home
no delinquencies
roof, windows, fascia etc.
budget counseling required
*If you sell your home or refinance with a cash-out option you will have to pay back this grant.


Foreclosure Intervention Workshop Grant

In January, BENI will be rolling out our Foreclosure intervention Workshops. Come and find out best practices, when to call your mortgage company, how do you stay afloat amid the current economic crisis, and about financial help and services that can help you get back on track. Hear from industry leaders in the  Mortgage world, top-rated attorneys, and knowledgeable housing professionals. Please check our website and social media in December for upcoming dates.