Salon Brings Beauty to Belair-Edison

Mera Mera Salon

Salon Brings Beauty to Belair-Edison

Mera Mirror The Salon renovates building for growing business.


In 2013, Damera Baker was faced with a challenge of finding a new location for her growing full-service, hair salon business.

Renting a space in the Lauraville community was not offering her the desired exposure to attract potential new business with active foot traffic. She was in search of a building she could purchase that could accommodate future growth and still be close to home.

Through the help of a friend she discovered the vibrant Main Street area of Belair-Edison and found a new home for her Mera Mirror The Salon on the 3100 block of Erdman Avenue.

“I was excited to be able to make it my own space and completely renovated the interior,” said Damera.

No longer renting, Damera admits it was an adjustment, but owning the building allows her to build the business on her terms.

“Since the move, I’ve definitely seen an increase in business and walk-in’s, and I’ve now been able to add a second floor where I can offer custom services and hire more stylists to grow my salon.”

Damera has been very impressed with the support she’s received from Belair-Edison Neighborhood Inc. “They came to me and asked how they could help my business, I’ve never had that kind of support before.”

With the help of BENI Damera received a Façade Improvement Grant that allowed her to paint the exterior of the building and add a mural of her colorful logo. She hasn’t just seen improvements to her business, but also to the neighborhood as well.

“Since moving into Belair-Edison I’ve seen a stronger police presence, the streets look cleaner and aesthetically main street looks better, which definitely helps my business.”

She hopes to attract more residents to her business so that she can give back to the community that has supported her by organizing a donation drive for one of the many local schools.

Mera Mirror The Salon
3105 Erdman Ave, Baltimore, MD 21213