Our Community Champions are Honored

Our Community Champions are Honored


On June 3, 2017, our neighborhood gathered together to celebrate our community champions at the Belair-Edison Community Association 2017 Community Champions’ Awards Breakfast held at the American Brewery Humanim Building.

President of Belair-Edison Community Association, Rita Crews, now a retired educator relates the annual event to a similar ceremony held for her students. “When I was active as an educator, we honored students who made a difference in our school either academically and forth. Now as president of Belair-Edison Community Association, we highlight our residents or others in a similar manner for their contributions to the community without being pretentious. They truly work for the good of the community sometimes putting their lives in jeopardy. They are our community champions making a difference to improve the quality of life for the residents of Belair-Edison.”

Councilwoman Shannon Sneed introduced the guest speaker Delegate Cory McCray who gave a history of Belair-Edison from its inception to the current time. The entertainment for the night was two musical selections and a fashion show by Dunbar Models,Inc. from Paul Laurence Dunbar High School.

There were 21 Community Champions honored with the Belair-Edison Community Association medallion and numerous citations from politicians in the 45th Legislative District along with citations from the Mayor Catherine Pugh and City Council President, Jack Young.

Special guests included Mike Hilliard from Harbel, Councilman Robert Stokes, Councilwoman Shannon Sneed, SAO Liaison Andrea Curley, City Council President, Jack Young, Delegates Cory McCray and Talmadge Branch. Thank you to our sponsors: Rosedale Cleaners, Howell Funeral Home, John Barber and the Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters Local 177.

Congratulations to our Community Champions:

  1. Jackie Addison
  2. John Barber
  3. Barbara Bivens
  4. Tyler Crews
  5. Christina Delgado
  6. Patty Dowd
  7. Adrienne Egglerston
  8. Theresa German
  9. Peter Grose and Regional Management
  10. Corrie Hamlett
  11. Kadija Hart
  12. Linda Hughes
  13. Linda Luallen
  14. Frances Lyles
  15. Darrell Moore
  16. Willie Pittman
  17. Lynette Reed
  18. Joe Richards
  19. Dwayne Richardson
  20. Will Smith
  21. Erica Stanley