Fresh Food and Family is Focus at Chelle’s Kitchen

Fresh Food and Family is Focus at Chelle’s Kitchen

Let’s give a big Belair-Edison welcome to Chelle’s Kitchen, the new carry-out restaurant at 3436 Belair Road. Owner Michelle Simmons opened her doors in early October, but people are already coming from as far away as Delaware, Pennsylvania and Severna Park, Maryland.

Could it be because she serves breakfast all day? “People eat breakfast all day long,” says Simmons. And whether your preference is ham and eggs for breakfast or pancakes and bacon for dinner, Michelle will be at the grill, preparing every dish.

“Whatever anyone orders, they’ll see me making it on the grill right in front of them,” she says, noting, “everything is made to order because I’ve always been big on fresh food.”

This is Simmons’ first place of her own, but she’s been in professional kitchens all her life. Even before she started working in restaurants at age 15, her parents were in the business and she was around them as a little girl while they worked.

Chelle’s Kitchen specializes in soul food, but offers all kinds of specials, like chicken breast stuffed with crabmeat. One of her top sellers is a “loaded potato,” filled with chicken and sauced with broccoli and sour cream. Another is the 3D Nacho, which features 3 different meats, 3 different sauces and 3 different types of Doritos, all served in a taco bowl. “Kids love it,” says Simmons.

The portions are very generous. “No one can eat it all,” Simmons smiles. But who doesn’t love leftovers?

Simmons chose Belair-Edison for a variety of reasons. She and her sister grew up around the neighborhood and her sons went to Montebello. Her mother and her manager don’t live far away.

She knew there was no soul food in the area and that there would be enough people around who wouldn’t want to cook on Sundays. With all the churches in the neighborhood, Simmons says she does a lot of business on Sundays. There are also 3 schools and numerous other businesses that Simmons knew she could draw from for her restaurant.

For now, Chelle’s Kitchen is carry-out only, but Simmons plans to add booths for eat-in dining early in 2018. She has a catering license and caters all kinds of events already, “… from weddings and anniversaries to birthday parties,” she says. Delivery is coming soon.

Chelle’s Kitchen is a family business. Her partner is her fiancé and between them, they have 5 boys. “They like to eat, so they have to work,” she says with a laugh. Her mother and nephew are involved too. When you visit, chances are you’ll see Simmons at the grill. If not, a family member will be preparing your order.

Simmons has big plans. She wants the Belair-Edison restaurant to be her main location, but she’d like to get a food truck in the next 3-5 years to use for catering and to bring the taste of Chelle’s Kitchen to greater Baltimore.

Yet another reason to make a detour to Belair Road soon.


Chelle’s Kitchen
3436 Belair Rd.

Closed Mondays
Tu-Th:  8am – 8pm
Fri-Sat: 8am – 9pm
Sun:      9am – 5pm