Flawless High Fashion

Flawless High Fashion

New Boutique Features Signature Line of Clothing and Jewelry

Ashley Thompson has always loved fashion. For years, she’s been designing clothes, making jewelry, and styling clients. But it’s only recently that she decided to take the leap from working full-time as a nurse technician in the ER at University Hospital and open her own store.

Leaving her job was a big move, but Ashley felt the time was right, and a great space came along at the right time. She’d been looking for about a year, and when the space at 3503 Belair Road became available, she decided to open Flawless Flamboyants.

Ashley calls Flawless Flamboyants a “one-stop shop for plus size clothes,” and she has her eye on an under-served customer: a plus-size woman looking for good quality and high fashion.

She comments, “Being plus-size myself, I know how hard it is to find good clothing, but people look up to my style. They stop me on the street and ask me about my clothes.”

Ashley knew there was plenty of foot and car traffic in Belair-Edison, and she knew the space. It used to be a hair salon and Ashley had been a client. “It was in good shape,” she says. “It just needed painting.”

The paint she chose is hot pink. She also hung sequined curtains and put fully decked-out mannequins in the window. She wanted to create a relaxing environment with a “friendly atmosphere, good music, and good vibes.”

The store sells Ashley’s own line of plus size clothing, the Venus Collection, which she named for her late sister. The line includes both clubwear and everyday clothing. She also stocks her signature handmade jewelry, shoes, handbags and sunglasses—unusual accessories that will make just about any outfit complete. “I generally stock one of each item so you won’t see anyone else wearing the same thing,” she says. She even has a hair stylist and make-up artist on staff.

Ashley also customizes denim jackets with sequined patches and paint for customers who bring them to her. Each one is completely different and says something unique about the wearer. Asked where she gets her inspiration, Ashley says “it just came to me.” Now that she’s found a home for her inspiration, it’s likely we’ll be seeing even more from her.

Belair-Edison Neighborhoods Inc. (BENI), the neighborhood organization, is helping her with the façade—a mural, paint and a new sign. BENI staff and the neighbors have all been very welcoming, Ashley says, adding “I’d definitely recommend the neighborhood to anyone looking to open a business.”

Ashley has also attracted many clients using social media and suggests that anyone looking for a taste of what her store has to offer should check it out on Facebook or Instagram.


Flawless Flamboyants is at 3503 Belair Road.

Hours of operation are:
Monday-Thursday: 10:30am-6:00pm
Friday & Saturday: 10:30am-8:00pm
Sundays: By Appointment Only