Erdman Animal Hospital Grows with The Community

Erdman Animal Hospital Grows with The Community

Business Draws from All Over, But Values Local Relationships


For more than 60 years, Erdman Animal Hospital has been an important thread in the fabric of the Belair-Edison community. Dr. Lance Keil, who took over his father’s business in 1987, says “My father wanted to open his practice in a neighborhood because he always felt that homeowners tend to be better neighbors.”

The steady increase in home ownership in the community adds to the group Dr. Keil calls “the best neighbors in the city.”

Since taking over the practice, Dr. Keil has grown it to the point where he now owns all three rowhomes the animal hospital occupies.

“We’ve made improvements along the way, like replacing our windows with a grant we received, but our focus has always been on keeping up with the latest medical technology and equipment.”

Thanks to their steady growth and the large number of patients the hospital sees, Dr. Keil has been able to offer great rates to patients and generous pay to his employees.  Dr. Keil thinks that the Belair-Edison location is very convenient for customers, who come from all over the city and Baltimore County.

The animal hospital staff has enjoyed being a part of the neighborhood and meeting the new families that have become part of the community. “My local clients are down-to- earth people who have helped grow my business by word-of-mouth,” says Dr. Keil.

“Being part of this neighborhood has been an asset for me,” says Dr. Keil. With the help of Belair-Edison Neighborhood, Inc. (BENI), he’s been able to find interns over the years. “I also encourage my clients to become homeowners in Belair-Edison—that’s my way of giving back to a community that has given me so much.”

3233 Erdman Ave
Baltimore, MD 21213