Dawson Family Story

From Portland to Baltimore: Belair-Edison is Now Home

You’ll find the Dawson family in the parks daily!


After more than two years of in-depth research, Robert and Judy Dawson decided on Baltimore to be their new home from Portland, Oregon.


When choosing a city for retirement, Judy says, “I knew I had to have world class healthcare.” So she started there — investigating Louisville, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and parts of North Carolina.


“I stumbled on Baltimore on the Internet. Live Baltimore’s site came up. I went directly there and I never left,” recalls Judy. “Live Baltimore opened my mind. The website set up is wonderful!”


While online tools were a jumping off point, the Dawsons say Live Baltimore’s staff sealed the deal on their move during a cross-country visit. “People from Live Baltimore were waiting to meet us at Buying Into Baltimore, which made us feel great,” says Judy. “I could trust that I had a professional contact with a comprehensive plan for me.”


After committing to Baltimore, there was the business of finding a neighborhood. Through Live Baltimore, the Dawsons discovered Healthy Neighborhoods Inc. and St. Ambrose Housing Aid Center. “We wanted urban life,” says Judy, “but I’m too old to completely pioneer a neighborhood.”


“We picked Belair-Edison because it’s going to grow,” says Robert, as he brags about the adjacent trails at Herring Run Park, Clifton Golf Course, and walking path at Lake Montebello (where you can find him and his two German shepherds often).


Working with a local real estate agent and lender the Dawsons were able to secure over $30,000 in incentives toward their Belair-Edison home purchase (yet another key selling point for this couple on a fixed income).


To other retirees considering Baltimore, Judy says, “you’ll be welcomed with open arms. People are excited to see you moving in!”


In addition, the Dawsons say they consider Baltimore “an opportunity for adventure that’s affordable. The whole Mid-Atlantic has exciting things going on. You can get to DC for 8 bucks!”


World class healthcare, affordable real estate, property tax incentives for seniors…the list of positives the Dawsons see in Baltimore goes on and on.


“Our friends thought we were nuts,” Judy says with a chuckle. “All they knew was The Wire.” Now, as the Dawsons put finishing touches on its décor, they’re proud to share that there’s a waiting list of visitors for their guest room.


Content courtesy of Live Baltimore.